Tips Received Since Inception: 5,090
Arrests Made: 297
Rewards Authorized: $37,925
Property Recovered: $995,963
Narcotics Recovered: $3,295,655

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Join the Board

The Board of Directors decide on policy, procedure and standards for the local program’s operation, based on standards provided by the Provincial & National affiliated Associations.

Board members are responsible for fund raising, promotion, education and are available to make presentations to the community when requested.  When advised of a successful investigation by the Police involving a Tip,  the Board decides on the value of the reward to be disbursed.

The Board is presently made up of members from Dawson Creek and Fort St. John.  We alternate our meetings between the two communities on a monthly basis.

Note: all Board members and Volunteers must undergo criminal record and background checks before being considered.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers work with Board members taking on various tasks from promotion, fund raising, events and special projects or programs. Volunteers are not society directors and do not have to attend Board meetings.

Become a Sponsor

Donations of goods and services or cash to Crime Stoppers is tax deductible, as we are a Registered Charitable organization.  The funds go directly into rewards, promotions and programs such as the TIPS Line/WebTips, and education/training for the Board members.

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